Become a Virtual Administrative Assistant: Everything You Need to Know

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Author: Chris Tiru

Become A Virtual Administrative Assistant: Everything You Need To Know

Did you know you can make money as an assistant from your kitchen table? With the internet and basic technology you can provide a valuable service to clients around the world. Best of all, you can be online and working in just a few short days. You can become a virtual assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who provides administrative help. Instead of working in an office environment, they provide the work online. As a virtual assistant you might communicate with your clients via email or a project management system. You can specialize in a specific task, for example, managing a forum or an affiliate team. Or you can offer a variety of administrative services. You can also specialize in an industry.

What Do You Need to Get Started as a Virtual Assistant?
  1. Computer with internet connection
  2. Software to support your administrative services
  3. Telephone and related equipment like a headset so you can talk hands free
  4. Website to market your services
  5. Business Plan – Your plan will your business goals, marketing strategy, audience, services, policies and procedures and so on.
  6. Contact information – Email account/telephone number Most of this you probably already have and the rest of it can be acquired or created.

The one thing you probably don’t have is a website. A one page website is all you need to get started. Once you have customers you can expand your website. You can add content and grow your business.

Making Money as a Virtual Assistant

-Most virtual assistants charge by the hour. You might also consider charging by the project. Another option is to charge by the minute, word, or post depending on what service you’re providing.

  • For example, if you’re offering transcription you might charge by the audio minute.

-Marketing Your Administrative Business. Like many other businesses, it can be beneficial to specialize.

  • For example you might market yourself as the 24-hour transcriptionist – turning around any transcription order in less than twenty four hours.

-You might specialize in managing affiliates, scheduling or managing customer service. You might also specialize in an industry.

  • For example, you might focus on offering research for information marketers. Your website will be your primary marketing tool. It’ll be where people can research your services, rates and view your work if you have any samples or testimonials.

-Partnering with another service provider can be a great way to promote your business.

  • For example, you might partner with a website designer who specializes in the same industry you do. Social networking, advertising, and content marketing all help to build awareness too.

-Finally, some virtual assistants find great success by offering memberships.

  • For example, you might offer five, ten and fifteen hour memberships. Members get a discount for committing to regular work. And you get regular work.

If you have an interest in offering administrative services and you want to work from home, from your kitchen table, you can do it. Create a plan. Build a website and start making money today.

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