The Basics About Starting Your Home Helper Business

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Author: Chris Tiru

The Basics About Starting Your Home Helper Business

Many people are in need of help around their home. They need someone to help them, decorate, organize, clean or run errands. It can be a great business to start if you like helping others.

What is a Home Helper Business?

A home helper business can be any number of things. You might offer errand running and scheduling services. Others might clean homes or offer organization strategies. This also may be offering services to cook meals, shuttle children, and take care of pets. The type of services you offer depends on your skills, interests and the needs of your potential customers.

How Does a Home Helper Make Money?

As a home helper you’re likely going to charge by the hour or by the service. You might consider creating a membership program. Members could sign up for a specific number of hours each month. Members receive a discount on their membership and you receive predictable income.

Consider how you want to charge for your services.

Will you require a deposit prior to time of service? Do you want people to pay in full at the time of service? Or will you bill them at the end of the month? What forms of payment do you accept?

More and more, online banking has become the popular way for consumers to pay for services and goods. Be sure to consider making a virtual banking account with companies like Cashapp, Venmo and Paypal.

What Do You Need to Get Started as a Home Helper?

A business plan is your first step. Outline what your business is going to offer. Who are your customers? What are your goals and how will you reach them? Spend some time researching your competition, too. Position yourself to stand apart from them by offering a unique value or benefit.

The second step is to decide how you’re going to market your business.

A website is strongly encouraged. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate website. A simple one page brochure site can do the trick. However, you might also consider adding useful content to your site in the form of articles or blog posts. Provide information that your customers will find helpful.

If you already have good connections in your community a brochure/postcard and word of mouth might be enough. Consider offering a referral program or loyalty program. Provide incentives to refer your services to others. By providing incentives, it will encourage consumers to use your service repeatedly.

For example, after ten hours you get one hour free. You might even hand out punch cards like many coffee shops and restaurants do.

The equipment you need to get started will depend largely on the services you provide.

If you’re cleaning homes then you’ll need cleaning supplies. Maybe you’re managing small repair tasks and you need tools. If you’re running errands then you’ll need a car. You’ll most certainly need a business phone and a scheduling system.

All in, you can start a home helper business for less than a hundred dollars easy. You can likely start it for less. If you enjoy helping others and are looking to start your own business consider becoming a home helper.

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