Why Building Your Email List Will Boost Your Passive Income

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Every blogger will tell you that a good email list is vital to maintaining your passive income and interest from the audience. Whether you already have a solid email list or you’re currently working on ways to build it further, there are many ways in which it can boost your passive income levels and help you to make more money. Let’s consider some of the reasons why building your email list helps with passive income.


1.        You can personalize your emails

Rather than waiting for people to come over to your blog and read something interesting, you can directly contact your followers to let them know about new posts, services, products and videos that you have ready to view. You can gather data on your audience through polls and other targeted questions, which helps you to send emails only to people you think may be interested in certain products.


2.        You can research your audience more easily

You can send emails to your audience and readers asking them to participate in quizzes, online surveys and questionnaires. You can often an incentive for completing this, such as 10% off in your online shop, or a free e-book which will benefit them.


3.        You can make friends with your audience

By personalizing the emails and taking the time to get to know your audience properly through marketing, you will be able to reap the rewards. When an audience trusts and enjoys the correspondence from a blogger, they are keen to reward them and help by visiting your blog, buying products and leaving reviews or comments.


4.        It creates another method of sharing

Since your audience can forward emails to other people, it ensures that the members of your audience who don’t use social media and other such platforms can still connect with you in some way. People will be able to send on the emails, which could generate new followers and also create a more qualitative following.


5.        People can get in touch with you

You should also allow people the option of replying to the emails that you send out. There are many missed opportunities that bloggers fail to realize, when a reader is curious about a product but would like to ask your opinion. Adding this charming and personal touch and responding to the readers who reach out to you ensures that you build a stable and valuable email list.


6.        You can automate it!

All of the tips above are great for shaping what you do and what you sell. Once you’re clear on that, you can set up automated email sequences to build relationships and sell your offers. Truly passive income!

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